Erythritol, what is it?


che cos'è l'eritritolo

Erythritol is a polyol that occurs naturally in some fruit and fermented foods. It is used as a natural sweetener since it is calorie-free, but with a good taste without aftertaste.
In 2006, the European Commission included Erythritol in the food additives list (2006/52/EC) and the approval was definitive in February 2008. Directive 2008/100/EC labels Erythritol 0 kcal/g.

As a food additives Erythritol can be use with different purposes, but is widely used as a sweetener: the taste is similar to sucrose with a sweetening power equal to 60/70% and that is the reason why it is a great alternative to sugar. Used in combination with intense sweeteners, it can intensify ingredients sweetness, add density and cover unwanted aftertastes.
In the body, 90% of erythritol is absorbed before it enters the large intestine and it is excreted in urine. Therefore, it has a caloric value of 0.2 kilocalories per gram. Clinical studies underline that in adults the gastrointestinal effects of erythritol intake up to 1g/Kg of weight (up to 80g/day maximum) are statistically the same as equal levels of sucrose intake. [1]

Erythritol is almost zero on the glycemic and insulin index and represents a great alternative to sucrose for people who suffer from diabetic or are at risk. [2]

Erythritol works as an antioxidant in vivo and it can help to low the glycemic impact on food and drinks. [3] It is also tooth-friendly: it cannot be metabolized by oral bacteria, so it does not contribute to tooth decay.

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