"Sugar points" loyalty program - The relationship that rewards you

What is it?

Sugar Points is the loyalty program of novaresezuccheri.com that gives you the opportunity to collect points and convert them in a discount.

The more you spend, the more you earn!

Creating you account you start collecting points and, for each purchase, you receive Sugar points proportionally to how much you spend.


How to collect Sugar points

The first thing to do to start collecting Sugar points is to register on our website: you will immediately receive 5 Sugar points.

It is free and it gives you several advantages:

  • You earn Sugar points very fast: 1€ spent, 1 point collected
  • The more you buy the more you collect points!
  • You can convert your Sugar points in a voucher in euro whenever and however you want
  • You immediately start collecting again

Are you already a Novarese Zuccheri’s client?

Perfect! To collect Sugar Point you have just to buy any product you can find on this web site.

For example, if you buy a box of Novaroma mixed flavours you collect 2 Sugar Point!

zucchero aromatizzato novaroma gusti misti

Go to the page of the monthly offers, it is the right place where to start!

Find how many Sugar points you collect at each purchase

Each time you make a purchase on novaresezuccheri.com you collect some points.

How many points?

1€ corresponds to 1 Sugar point.

What is the value of 1 Sugar point?

100 Sugar points correspond to 1€, so 1 Sugar points is 0.01 cent.


How can I use Sugar points?

You can convert your Sugar points in a voucher. You can use them all together or in several times.

Use the discount for your next order and start to collect Sugar points again!


With Novarese Zuccheri you have a daily reason to develop a never ending relationship that rewards you!