The history of a leaf

The plant that is a natural sweetener

la storia di una foglia di stevia

Stevia is a small shrub with ancient origins, coming from Central America. It is known for the extraordinary power of its leaves.

Why choose Stevia?

To sweeten in a natural way

Sweetener obtained from Stevia leaves is suitable for anyone with specific needs but who doesn't want to give up "swetness pleasure". This sweetener is a perfect alternative to sugar and is especially suitable for diabetics because it is not considered as sugar and, accordingly, it doesn't alter the glygemic index of blood.

It doesn't contain allergens and it is gluten-free. It is 100% natural and calorie free, therefore, it is suitable for anyone who is on a diet or who loves healthy food.

logo stevida

A sweet and natural wellness

Stevida is a brand that includes several products: sweeteners, desserts mix and hot drinks Stevia-based.

  • 100% natural sweetener
  • zero on the glycemic index
  • calorie free
  • easily soluble
  • it does not contain allergens and it is gluten-free
  • tooth-friendly: it helps for a better oral health
  • maximum cooking heat: 200°C